Cosmic Karma

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Welcome to my very first blog post ever. I hope you take some sort of inspiration away from it. Today I am reflecting on what my Uncle Ralph calls “Cosmic Karma.” Here’s why.

This morning, I took a walk with a good friend of mine, and I came across a penny – tails up. So, being somewhat superstitious, I turned the penny over to heads up and left it for some other lucky person to find. Not even 10 paces later, I came across another penny (a 1967 penny) – and this one was heads up – just waiting for someone like me to pick it up! I said to my friend, “If this isn’t proof of karma – I don’t know what is!” We chuckled, and continued our walk.

Ok – so this incident with the penny is a very small example of the much larger concept of “Cosmic Karma.” My uncle recently shared with me his idea about Cosmic Karma in terms of “debits” and “credits” into our “Cosmic Karma” bank accounts. Meaning, our actions do one of two things – they either deposit positively into our karma bank accounts, or they subtract from it. Once we run out, trouble ensues…but we can recover by taking actions that “credit” our accounts. This is something he has used to teach his core values to his kids – and it sure made a lot of sense to me.

The whole idea of karma reminds me of the beautifully poignant movie Pay It Forward. If you haven’t seen it – it is worth watching. Stream it via NetFlix – how easy – you could watch it tonight! In the movie, Haley Joel Osment plays Trevor, a young student who has been assigned by his teacher played by Kevin Spacey to think of something that can change the world and to put it into action. Trevor’s idea is this: rather than pay back a good deed, he will pay it forward by doing good deeds for 3 other people. In a short amount of time, Trevor has a dramatic impact on his teacher, mother and his entire community.

This brings me to my questions for the world out there: What is truly possible when we pay karma forward?  What doors open for us? How will we respond when the credit re-appears? How do you define karma?

Isn’t it possible that you can really change the world – starting with one small step? Is it really that hard to “turn that penny over” for someone? What actions have you done lately that deposit into your own “Cosmic Karma” account?

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